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Packing for Patagonia

Later this week, I head to Patagonia in South America for 10 days of hiking, filming and adventure! I’ll start in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park for 6 days, then spend an additional 4 days in Ushuaia, Argentina exploring Tierra del Fuego and the Beagle Channel. All the necessary arrangements are complete– airfare, transportation, […]

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Next stop…. Chile and Argentina!

As some of you may have heard, after just coming shy of the China and Scotland trips, I’ve finally been selected to take a trip through one of Travel Channel’s employee competitions! In mid-October, I’ll be heading to Patagonia in Chile and Argentina for a 10-day adventure. Travel Channel will be sponsoring the majority of […]

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I’m “Published!”

As you may have seen from one of my earlier Packed Suitcase blog postings, Travel Channel has a private, internal employee blog where we can post our travel experiences and pictures. There are often contests to help give us the incentive to post, which has lead to a surplus of fun and often compelling stories. […]

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55 Places: A Travel Bucket List

It’s tough having perma-wanderlust. Regardless of whether I’m freshly back from some amazing adventure or completely desperate for anything remotely resembling a three day weekend, I can’t stop looking ahead to where I’m going next. So, with this inherent wanderlust I am constantly saying “oh, I’d love to go there” about places I read about, […]

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Why I Love Cancun

THIS BLOG IS RE-POSTED FROM A TRAVEL CHANNEL STAFF CONTEST… WE WERE ASKED WHICH WORLD BEACH WE’D MOST WANTED TO BE STRANDED, AND THIS WAS MY RESPONSE! On which world beach would you most like to be stranded? I consider myself a bit of a “beach enthusiast,” and I’ve been lucky to travel to all […]

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My February LA Adventure

I’ve been working in TV nearly 7 years, and have never made it to southern California for work. I’ve worked with a lot of LA-based production companies, dealt with the time difference for conference calls and had to listen to them gloat about the nice weather during the winter, but somehow never had a reason […]

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A Smoky Mountains New Years

After 8 hours, 450 miles, and 15 Cracker Barrels, I’m finally home after a great New Years Eve trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. I’ve never been down to this part of the US before, and while I admit there was some culture shock (11 rows of bibles in the local bookstore, Pancake Houses […]

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Atlantis found?

So, I am back and tan from my Mexican siesta, and I haven’t wasted any time planning my next adventure! Where I’m going next, no one knows (least of all me… I change my mind every 5 minutes!) but the TravelZoo Top 20 Deals are in full force this week. I guess there are some […]

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