Here and There: 2.20.11

Random musings about the week’s most interesting travel articles… -If you thought the “Haunted Mansion” ride at Disney was scary, a UK Theme Park boasts an honest to God headless monk that haunts the grounds and causes a ruckus. (Jaunted) -Darth Vader is finding an image boost this month. First, he made a splash at the Superbowl [...]

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5 Adventure Getaways for Every Interest

When planning a trip do you secretly yearn for exotic locales but always seem to end up on the same old vacation? This summer, don’t spend another week sprawled out on the beach. With a proliferation of options and the recent unveiling of National Geographic Adventures, there’s never been a better time to head out [...]

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Indoor Park Pops Up in New York

 Photo credit: serge de garcia  With freezing temperatures and the weekly snowstorm dropping inches upon inches of snow, what’s a bored, depressed New Yorker to do? Thanks to the Openhouse Gallery and their “Park Here” exhibition, they can go to the park and get a glimpse of spring. Actually, it’s an indoor park [...]

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Snapshot of the Week: Tuscany (from the back of a vespa)

  Somewhere along the winding roads of Tuscany, this photo was taken. I was on the back of a speeding vespa with one hand held firmly around the waist of an Italian boy and the other furiously snapping away, trying to get the perfect shot that represented the countryside in summer. After the day was [...]

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Here and There: 2.4.11

Random musings about the week’s most interesting travel articles… You always hear that blondes have more fun. Well, this so-called “fantasy resort” in the Maldives is switching things up a bit and putting the blondies to work. (Huffington Post) Instead of giving the kids a coloring book to keep them occupied, hand them a print [...]

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Snapshot of the Week: Seals at the End of the World

With so much of the US under a blanket of snow I couldn’t resist…     Somewhere on the Beagle Channel, all the way down at the southernmost tip of South America, are an outcropping of little islands filled with seals. On this day towards the end of October, snow squalls popped up and created [...]

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The Google Art Project and What It Means for Travel

The line between travel and technology has just gotten a little thinner. With today’s unveiling of the Google Art Project, art enthusiasts, teachers and travelers alike can universally access 17 of the world’s best art museums, including New York’s MOMA, the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and France’s Palace of Versailles. All with the [...]

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Here and There: 1.27.11

Random musings about the week’s most interesting travel articles… Wanna fly on a private jet? Well, if you have $1000 to spare, now you can. (Jaunted)  The happiness continues for the rescued Chilean Miners. They’re heading to Disney World! (Huffington Post) Do you want to travel the world for 80 days for free? Silly question… of [...]

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Snapshot of the Week: New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula

Everyone knows that adventure sports are all the rage in New Zealand. But sometimes, life is best lived at a slower pace. Kayaking to Hahei’s spectacular Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula is the perfect balance of both. ***To contribute to the “Snapshot of the Week” feature, please review the submission details and email [...]

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My Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2010

2010 turned out to be an incredibly liberating travel year for me. With a brief stint of unemployment came a robust time of opportunity, full of adventures and exciting destinations. Here are my top 10 places that I visited in the past 12 months… 10. Taupo,New Zealand Taupo itself isn’t the most notable place in [...]

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