10 Vacation Days: How to Make the Most of Your Time Off

Originally posted on GoGirlGuides.com on 3/28/11: If you’re reading this right now, chances are you love to travel. It is one of your priorities and part of your daily daydream regiment. However, it’s also pretty likely that you have only 2 weeks of vacation, especially if you’re just starting out in your career. A mere […]

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Snapshot of the Week: Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown. How fitting is it that New Zealand’s adventure capital is also one of the most pristine, most simply beautiful cities in their country? Well worth a stop on any South Island trip, take the gondola high up to the scenic overlook, spend the afternoon reading in the Queenstown gardens, try a Fergberger. Just enjoy […]

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Next up… Las Vegas!

Have you ever wondered how you could live it up in Vegas without breaking the bank? Or… Maybe you’re looking to find the ultimate Vegas Girlfriend Getaway itinerary?   Well, look no further! My suitcase is packed yet again and this time I’m heading off to Las Vegas to uncover all this and more.  I’ll be […]

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Travel Video Tips for Beginners

Originally posted on GoGirlGuides.com on 3/21/11: Video. There’s no better way to bring your travel memories to life than to have a well composed video to support your story or highlight a special aspect of your travels. In last week’s column, I explored some of the budget-friendly high-tech gadgets that flashpackers could bring along to […]

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A (slightly geeky) Boston City Guide

This fantastic guest post is written by Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows, a published essayist and travel writer, a television writer and producer, a produced screenwriter and playwright, and (if that’s not enough) she also writes for games. Fenway! I recently spent a Friday afternoon through Monday night in Boston, Massachusetts doing almost nothing that you would […]

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New Zealand: 5 Amazingly Scenic Adventures

Adventure tourism is an ever-expanding industry, and today roughly 20% of all adult travelers are considered adventure tourists. However, most travelers don’t want adventure merely for adventure’s sake. Instead, today’s savvy jetsetters want to combine an exciting experience organically with the beauty and local flavor of a location. If you’re looking for the best of […]

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Snapshot of the Week: Milford Track

Milford Track. The 3 day, 33 mile hike in New Zealand’s majestic Fiorland is the lushest, greenest environment I’ve ever seen. The hike is often otherworldly- like a background imported directly out of the movie Avatar. It’s a botanic wonderland filled with draping moss, ferns, crookedly ancient trees, bubbling brooks, rushing waterfalls. You are fully […]

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High Tech Flashpacking… on a Budget

Originally posted on GoGirlGuides.com on 3/14/11: Round the world backpackers used to diligently pack their canvas backpack with bare essentials, kiss their families goodbye and set out into the world knowing that contact with home would be minimal… a postcard here, a long distance call there.  They were on their own and, for the most […]

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Dirty Hotels: A Survival Guide

Originally posted on GoGirlGuides.com on 2/28/11: I’ll never forget my hotel horror story… In 2009, my girlfriends and I spent a nearly perfect week in Italy, staying in a beautifully modern apartment on Florence’s artisanal Oltrarno. From there we flew to London to meet up with a few more friends for one epic night of […]

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Snapshot of the Week: Milford Sound at Dawn

Early morning at Milford Sound. On this particular morning, the sun was out. It was early enough that the dozens of tour operators coming from Queenstown hadn’t yet set sail on the water, and all was still. I was lucky to capture this reflection, to have this private encounter with such a unique and popular […]

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