Snapshot: High Above Alaska… in a Float Plane

alaska photo

Today’s #FriFotos theme is “WINGS.” It brought back fond memories of my summer trip to Alaska… and my flight in a float plane!

It was terrifying at first – made even scarier by the fact that I witnessed a similar plane CRASH INTO A BOAT right as I was set to board. Everyone was miraculously okay, but very shaken – but, for me, there was no turning back. Boarding this plane was the only thing between me and a two-day bear-catching-salmon-adventure at Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park.

So, I boarded the bobbing 6-person plane and fastened my seat belt as tightly as I could manage. As the hum of the engine and propellers turned into a roar, I shut my eyes with a force that made my face scrunch.

Before I knew it, where were high in the air, looking down on the magnificent Alaskan scenery. This picture captures Alaska’s rugged and remote beauty —  The whole experience was so scary yet so beautiful!

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