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Top “Travel Deals” Newsletters

In addition to all of the airline generated deal and discount emails I receive, I subscribe to a couple of fantastic weekly travel discount e-newsletters. They highlight the many places I can go for just a little bit of cash.

First, I present the Travelzoo Top 20. It shows the best of the best of cool available travel deals. For example, today it shows Paris for 6 nights w/ air for $699. Or a Hawaii 5 night vacation from Baltimore for $758. Not bad! Also, there almost always is a deal along the lines of “Fly to 20 European Cities from Across the US” for some insanely low price. (This week is $198 and up.)
You can see the current Top 20 deals as a little ad in at the very bottom of the page here. But you can also go to to sign up for their e-newsletter to get the insider scoop before it gets posted to their website.
PROS: What I like about TravelZoo is that there’s a mix of both inspirational and realistic travel opportunites. So you don’t have the $700 to go to Paris? Then you can try the $89/night luxury hotel in Savannah for the weekend. It’s got a good balance for the get-up-and-go traveler on any budget.
CONS: Their deals can go really fast, since it’s a very popular resource.
Also, I recently discovered I can’t really speak to the website, which also has a lot of searchable deals, but from there you can sign up for the Caribbean Hot Deals list, where you’ll receive emails with relevent deals as they come up. The one I recevied yesterday had 3 Riveria Maya all-inclusive deals ranging from $429-459 for 4 nights including air. Not bad for a long weekend!
PROS: Great resource for Caribbean deals. Good prices.
CONS: Their deals tend to focus more on the traditional Caribbean locales. (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas.) There are still some deals for the more exotic, but not as many.


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  1. miellyn November 24, 2008 at 10:19 pm #

    i love this! thanks for the resources, i’ll definitely check them out. have fun in cancun!

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